Is it all right to entrust the DPJ administration with the country, who think it is at liberty to enjoy child pornography?

投稿日:2010年6月12日|カテゴリ:Politics and policies

I released the urgent appeal with other lawyers on March 31 this year to encourage each party to ban the simple possession of child pornography while revising the anti-child pornography law during this Diet session. To the Democratic Party, I saw Mr. Hidaka, one of the deputy secretary-generals on April 6 to request for the law amendment. He told me that he would consider on this matter but has not made any actions. I feel that the most of the Diet members of the DPJ are against the amendment of the law. Their position on this matter has not changed or even becomes worse.

On the amendment submitted by the DPJ last year, they not only allowed the simple possession as it is now but also narrowed the definition of child pornography than the present law. According to that, abused images such as binding the unclothed child without particularly emphasizing genitals are regarded outside of the regulated child pornography. This is clearly retrogressive. This is the revision only to please cruel child porno lovers. And the person who took the central role of this revision was Yukio Edano, the present DPJ Secretary General.

According to the opinion poll by the Cabinet Office, 90% of the people agree to ban the simple possession. The LDP and the New Komeito agree as well. So once the DPJ agrees, necessary law amendment realizes. But the DPJ maintains the position to oppose the regulation. To oppose the proposal for the revision to ban the simple possession is, as a result, to approve the behavior to enjoy child pornography. It is unbelievable that the party in power, who organizes the government, develops such standpoint. Unfortunately, Japanese media does not voice the doubts on the DPJ’s reaction on this matter. I think the Japanese media’s bizarre silence and the lack of interest should be also called into question.

The DPJ had been against the ban of the single possession of child pornography since the time that they were an opposition party. I thought that when they came to power, they would not insist such an irresponsible assertion. So I was certain that the ban of the single possession would be realized with the change of government. I was sure that the party in power who organizes the administration cannot neglect the horrible sexual abuse to the children. But I was too optimistic. They are still neglecting. I cannot believe, but this is the essential quality of the DPJ. They are stunningly cold-hearted to children.