What is happening to Japan while leaving the country to the Democratic Party which chose to be the side of “Child pornography cartoonists” rather than of the children?

投稿日:2010年6月17日|カテゴリ:Politics and policies

On June 16 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, the amendment of the ordinance for youth affairs was rejected due to the opposition by the Democratic Party. The DPJ was against the proposed ordinance that cartoons where hideous child pornography are written cannot be sold to the children.

I am a member of the Office for Youth Affairs and Public Safety which submitted the policy report, which is the original of this proposed ordinance. As a draft member, I wrote a draft of the report on the part of this amendment. I believed that this must be regarded perfectly normal not to sell the ugly child pornography to the children. I never even dreamed that it would be opposed. It was not saying not to write or not to sell to the adults. I even imagined that it would be criticized as not enough regulated.
In the world, for the first place, there are not a few countries that ban the sales and possession of cartoons with child pornography description. In the United States and in Canada, a man who possessed the child porno animation made in Japan was convicted. Last year, Japan was recommended to regulate animations and cartoons by the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Therefore, the proposed amendment was very loose compared to the world standard, which should be considered from the world that it would be too late to regulate in such a low level… However, the DPJ was against even with such an amendment.

For this draft, cartoonists and printing industry were against, who are doing business with writing child pornography and who makes profit out of such cartoons by making books. Are they thinking that even their own children can have a freedom to buy and read such cartoons? I do not think so. They opposed because it was related to their profit. But it is a serious problem in terms of individual ethics, corporate compliance and the social responsibility. Especially in the world, such printing companies would lose their trust in the society and even would not be able to survive in such countries strict to child pornography.

What is more surprising is the DPJ’s attitude. Where in the world does the party exist, who takes the side of cartoonists who write child pornography rather than protecting their children? I do not understand quite well the reason for their opposition even looking at their response at the Metropolitan Assembly. They say that the ordinance is not clearly defined, but if it is the case, they have to submit their own revision plan but they have not done that, while the Liberal Democratic Party & New Komeito submitted their own. Under such circumstances, we cannot admit the reason of opposition is its loose definition. We can only think they are against the spirit of the ordinance to begin with.

In politics, it is needless to say that they should not take actions while listening to the interested individuals only on one side. They should make decisions while thinking what the society should be, especially how to protect children in the society. For this amendment of the ordinance, so many parents and people who have sensible ethics including PTA related persons have clearly agreed. The DPJ is standing not for their side but for the side of cartoonists who are writing child pornography and printing companies who are selling to make their profit. It is the DPJ who is the friend for some people who are vehement to tell that it is free even to sell the child pornography to children.

What would happen to the children in Japan if we continue to entrust the DPJ with the administration? I doubt that the Japanese society might become the one which allows making children to be the sexual object more than ever. I heard from my friends from overseas and living in Japan saying “Unbelievable” or “Is the party who take side of child porno lovers in administration in Japan?” This is the situation that it refuses to listen even to the recommendation by the UN.

I mentioned in “Why are you doing that far, the DPJ administration?” in Nikkei Business Online on May 13, 17 and 19, 2010 how much their political attitudes and policies are exceeding and alarming. And we can say that their uncommonness comes to such an extreme with their taking the side of “cartoonists who write child pornography” rather than of the children. What would happen to our children under such DPJ administration? I am not the only one who has the anxiety and fear.